Friday, December 9, 2016

Dreaming of Independence

 My topic is about the American Dream. During this period there were diferent economic ideals. One was the yeoman farmer which is described in the following link. The yeoman farmer was self-sufficient, growing  enough food for himself but not enough to sell. This meant that no one could influence his vote. He voted after impartial consideration of issue or candidates. As a result, he was widely admired by early Americans including Thomas Jefferson. The economy has changed greatly since then but perhaps the ideal of economic independence has survived longer that the reality.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Hello i am a student and my History teacher encouraged us to writte about a theme of our choice based on the colonists and i have choose the American Dream.

      This theme is important to me because for me as been a dreamer I know how it feels to have hope in something that you wish. For us on my country the American Dream is to came to the United States and have the opportunity to arive success. On my history class I am learning about colonists there is where it comes the American Dream. The American Dream for the people was the plantation ot Tobacco as a way to have a bussiness living in peace and harmony. The Tobacco denotes success in business affairs, but it was poor return in love. Tobacco is a bad source that makes people have a bad behavior. The English Colony of Jamestown farmers changed the economy of virginia by planting Tobacco. Tobacco spends people is brain it also dulls the spirite and take you away from the right. Some people take Tobacco as a medicinal source. The cultivation ot Tobacco has been added to our dates and is unstoping it is illegal in some states and in others it is allowed. Tobacco has been a ensure economic survival of the colony by becoming the Golden weed of virginia. This link show us the importance of Tobacco on the early colinst. Tobacco was Colonial Virginia's  most succesful cash crop. The early colonist though to find a way to make bussiness because on their land was unable to find gold and they starting make plantations of Tobacco. Tobacco became popular in the middle classes of England. Tobacco had moved away from jamestown as settlers migrated to lands on the south side of York River.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hello I am a student my history teacher has tell us to choose a theme and write about it and I have choose Immigration

Immigration is important for me becuase it described what I am. When I came to the United States I felt very embarrased about it becaeuse it make us feel different from others. Trought the subsequence of the years that have I been here, I find out that I have to be proud just to be from where I am. I love been on America and I would never forget my traits but now this is the place for the one I have to work for. There is many people that think we came here to be a disaster, but what they don't think that the only thing we are looking for is protection and have a better life, get out of proverty. As Donald Trumb he is making the most bad reputation for us. He does not thought on those that want to be succesful people and even we are not looking for any trouble. All those people outside have a dream on their minds, they also have the right to make they dreams come true. They need jobs to pay their bills, to pay education, food on our countries for their families they depend of us because proverty is getting worse on our countries. I have seen so many people working hard to attach their goals. I know of people that have many years living here giving every day their best on jobs, trying to be respectful on the laws of America how can now Donald trumb came and say they need to get out if they have working hard for these place too.

Donald Trumb thought that half of the undocumented residents in America are criminals. Immigrants are a important contribution to these society, they have special skills, we give to America a diversity. Most of the immigrants that came to America came with their best intentions. To prevent additional undocumented immigrants for entering and staying in the United States Donald Trumb is going to defund sanctuary cities, if they don't cooperate keeping immigrants without deporting them. He is making difficult for them to hold a good salary, keeping a high data of unemployment just earnign as a middle class wage. In some way Donald Trumb is  correct saying that he would not have tolerance with criminals living on the United States, the only thing is that all immigrants can't be part of these because some of them came with a dream. Immigration is the most commented theme on all places but we have to accept that we are one we are United States.

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